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Walrus trying to climb onto a boat
Picture of Steve in Svalbard

Steve Bradley


I started sailing young and during my teens raced Fireball’s and 505’s and have now accumulated >50 years’ experience of racing & cruising in a variety of boats, I completed my yachtmaster back in the analogue days and held a commercial Boatmasters’s licence during the 80s, I’m a competent and confident solo sailor and a technical problem solver/fixer. My other passion is wildlife photography and I love the Arctic – highest latitude on a boat 82° 30.781′ North

Nationality British

Sarah Pedersen

First mate (Captain)

I started sailing in 2014 and got completely hooked. In the Summer I normally sail 2-3 times a week practising racing in J/70. I have Raced Round Ireland, Round Sjælland and Round Fyn as well as shorter up and down lanes. Also joined a regatta across the North Sea twice. I have leasure sailed in Thailand, Portugal, Marocco, Croatia, Greece and Denmark, I spent several Months aboard Snow Bear during 2023 sailing too the Arctic and decided to stay.

I also enjoy singing a lot ☺️

Nationality Danish

Picture of Sarah sailing around Ireland
A picture of a hydrovane

Ane V Hydro

Hydrovane wind steering

I’m Ane the Hydrovane wind driven steering system and Ive sailed around the world on Snow Bear.. I’m always ready, never complain but occasionally squeak, I don’t need any sleep, food or fuel and I’m very good at what I do!

Nationality Canadian