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A lot of wind and a trip to London

The entrance of the Phoenix Theatre

Returning to James Watts marina ahead of a storm, the sailors secured their boat with help from neighbors. Amid rising tides and wind, they replaced a failed port light, struggled with a broken washer, and had travel plans to Glasgow disrupted by the weather. In London, they dined in Battersea, visited the American Embassy and art galleries, and enjoyed a sci-fi play in Soho before enduring a delayed train ride back to Glasgow.

Sailing at Mariannesund in Svalbard

We will take another night at Mariasundet before leaving Svalbard

On 10th August 2023, after leaving Barentsburg, we sailed to Mariasundet under sunny skies and mild conditions, opting for this location over windier southern regions. Despite forecasts for light wind, overnight gusts surprisingly reached over 30 knots, causing frequent anchor checks. Today, we’re holding steady in strong winds while Sarah serenades Steve with musicals in two languages, as we reminisce about sunsets.

Fresh Shrimps and Sunshine

In Rørvik, they met Dutch sailors bound for Svalbard, joining the Northbound boats chat. A late lunch of fresh shrimp led to a grocery run. Despite perpetual daylight, Saphir hosted a ‘sundowner.’ Struggling with weather challenges, they faced rain and motored for another day. Undeterred, they maintained high spirits, enjoying the journey and new connections.

The wind is a challenge on this coast – Villa Island

With another day of motoring, they pushed through the desire to stay in harbor and watch movies, realizing the importance of progress. The clear day revealed a northern landscape with disappearing trees and golden hues. The fishing industry’s presence was evident with circular fish farms. Passing through narrow entrances, they anchored at Villa Island’s secluded pontoon harbor, enjoying its picturesque tranquility. A chance encounter with a mink catcher added an unexpected, yet amusing, twist to the day.