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To sail or not to sail

Picture of Tromso

26th June 2023

The last week has involved a lot of thoughts regarding continuing North. As we have done the whole trip motoring, we are now anxious to get the sails up and do some proper sailing.
But the last week the wind has seemed to slip away from us. Our plan of leaving Friday was postponed due to the change in wind, and then the wind this week seem to keep moving forward.
Yesterday was a cold and rainy day well suited for our mood; we had been up late and the weather had again left a lot of windless spots on out passage toward Svalbard the following week. What to do?
We did the only thing we could think of: try the pizza at Pizza Inferno and follow that by a dessert (tiramisu and espresso with vanilla ice cream). This did wonders to the mood as it was a very good food.
Waking up this morning Steve was undecided. The wind looks like it would take us partly to Bear Island and then drop to nothing and then not come back before Friday. We were both ready to move and 4 days is a long wait when everything is ready to go.
So now we decided to go. At the moment the wind is great and we will leave the coast of Norway in approximately 5 hours!
This takes us to another important event which is us finishing the cabbage head, mentioned earlier. 

Sarah, being from Denmark, is a great fan of cabbage while Steve, being British, prefer not to eat cabbage. This resulted in a clash a few nights ago, when Sarah said she would make mushrooms and gnocchi, but then quietly changed the dish to cabbage and gnocchi (there is a lot of food in a cabbage head and it was getting boring). Steve declared that he had not been informed of this change and was sceptical about the whole dinner project. But when he tried it he reluctantly had to admit that it was actually quite tasty (it has also been covered with cream and Parmesan cheese).

Today he was served the last dish with cabbage and can now look forward to a month or two without it, unless we find one in Svalbard.
As I am writing he is still fighting his way through a cabbage and apple salad.

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