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picture of boats at sunset in Tobermory

Oban and an unexpected music festival

We arrived in Oban, Scotland on a sunny day, eager to explore. Oban proved ideal for stocking up provisions at local supermarkets. Although touristy with disappointing dining initially, we found a gem. Next, we motored to Tobermory, timed perfectly with its annual music festival. After enjoying the vibrant scene and friendly guest, our trip continued with to Canna Island, filled with historical sites and stunning natural beauty.

The old friary in the afternoon sun

Spending some days in scenic Ballycastle

Ballycastle is clearly a popular Summer tourist destination and as soon as we arrived here, we got the Spring feeling.

Coming into the harbour can be a little dramatic as the Atlantic swells easily get quite big. To get into the harbour you have to do a sharp turn around the break water, but as soon as you have turned the corner, the inner harbour is nice and calm.

Off to Lofoten

Eager to leave Bodø and its harbor struggles, they cherished the town’s culinary delights but lamented the amenities. Adjusting to Sarah’s organized chaos, Steve embraced a more vegetarian diet. Seizing a favorable wind across Vestfjorden, they sailed through Sørvær and reveled in a smooth journey, relishing memories as Lofoten emerged, offering grandiose Norwegian beauty.