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Arctic circle, Saltstraumen and sea eagles

Excited by sunny weather, they sailed comfortably, eventually marking the Arctic Circle with a memorable celebration. In Bodø, vibrant nightlife, a unique laundry experience, and a thrilling Saltstraumen rib safari featuring massive whirlpools and close encounters with eagles defined their day. A pizza dinner concluded the energizing day for the continued journey.

New anchor llying on the deck

More Arctic Inventory

Equipped for Arctic waters, the crew now has Viking immersion suits for safety. A smart addition is the Ultra Anchor Ring emergency recovery device from Ultra Marine, not just for anchoring but doubles as workout equipment. Annual checks include inspecting the anchor chain, replacing markers, and recalibrating the Autoanchor Remote. Prepared for remote cruising!

Upgrades and Improvements

In December, focused on essential upgrades for Snow Bear. Top four include boosting heating to 5.5KW with Thermoconnect for remote monitoring, enhancing comfort with a new cockpit enclosure from Rossy, ensuring safety with emergency 4700GPH bilge pumps, and optimizing storage through organizational additions, like baskets in the engine room. Comprehensive equipment inventory done.

Picture of the app Ship's log book

Digital Logbook Evaluation

Snow Bear’s 2022 logbook is now being automated and digitized with the Ships Logbook for Captains app, using NMEA data on the boat’s Wi-Fi network. Despite occasional technical glitches, the app records position, status updates, and various entries efficiently. The log can be backed up, and exports to CSV and PDF formats are available.