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Upgrades and Improvements

December 2022

December has been a busy month onboard working through a list of routine maintenance tasks, upgrades and improvements.. the list is quite long but my top four so far are:

HEAT: Upgrading my heating from 3.5 to 5.5KW with new controls, including the Thermoconnect remote that as well as controlling the heating via an app, has the added functionality of some remote app monitoring. I can see temp onboard, battery voltage and the boats geolocation, I get an alert if my bilge alarm is activated, and I can switch my deck lights on and off via the app..

COMFORT: My new short cockpit enclosure from Rossy makes cold and wet weather sailing much more comfortable whilst keeping the helm clear and open..

FLOOD: I decided to complement my existing bilge pumps (automatic, manual and engine driven) with a couple of emergency 4700GPH 2” pumps, hopefully these will never be needed but it could make the difference between sinking and staying afloat in the event of a flood..

STORAGE: a few minor projects to improve storage onboard, my favourite being some baskets and organisation added to my engine room doors so I have everything at hand for the regular top ups etc.

I’ve also spent time, far more than I expected, creating a complete inventory of all the equipment, and spares that I have onboard, including part numbers and perhaps most importantly where they are hidden away within the boat.. with well over 1000 different things onboard, and over 90 different places to store and loose them in, this was an important task.  

I guess I like to have spares to cover every eventuality!

Picture of all the parts that has been improved

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