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The cliffs outside Faroe Islands

Finding a hidden gem in Klaksvík

We ended up spending a little more time in Faroe Islands tha planned as we couldn’t find the weather window to sail to Iceland. Faroe Island was amazing and we found a very special experience in Klaskvík. The strike however resulted in empty shelves, no gas or busses so we felt a little captured in the end. We also put some tips for planning your sailing trip to Faroe Islands in the post.

We arrived in the Faroe Islands!

Saying goodbye to the UK was more emotional than expected, but we have now sailed to Faroe Islands. It takes some planning to get to Faroe Islands as the waters can be difficult and fog is very normal. We arrived in Vágur and went hiking. Then we visited Tvøroyri and met hospitable locals. The harbours are mostly made for fishing vessels and all gear is needed to get electricity, water and calm mooring.