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Pizzas at Magdalenefjorden

Cruise ship at Trinity harbour

14th July 2023

With our two failed attempts to sail yesterday we ended up motoring all day to Magdalenefjorden. This gave Sarah a chance to finish her 4th book and Steve got a chance to start reading the short history of sailing – he might be missing it that much.

We entered the fjord to find Saphir and Ashona anchored here as well. As Sarah’s book had mentioned gin quite a few times, we felt the need to get a gin and tonic in the sun as the sheltered bay could get the temperature in the cockpit tent up to 29 degrees. This place feels like a proper summer vacation. The unmarked territory on the sea map which had previously been a glacier was no longer to be found.

After we had to throw out a bag of rotten tomatoes yesterday we decided that Steve had to continue his education on eating cabbage. His enthusiasm about this project it not high, but it didn’t get higher when we found a little worm family in the outer leaves. As we are getting low on the fresh vegetables and because we are nowhere near a supermarket, we just had to trash the infected leaves and then enjoy the rest of the head.

While Steve is ok with the cabbage being used in tortillas, he was more sceptical about the cabbage pizza that was on the menu. Sarah has not learned not to include Steve in the dinner plans yet.

This pizza also had a blue cheese on it which he had also been sceptical about so all in all it was good he had a G&T to calm his nerves down with.

Luckily there were also a potato pizza on the menu, which was also a new concept for the brave Englishman, so even though he enjoys pizza this menu was full of surprises.

When the cabbage pizza came out of the oven, it was met by a very sceptical face – this definitely smelled too cabbagy, but after having tried it he had to admit it was ok. But he would have preferred it to be red cabbage, which let into a discussion on whether red cabbage it suitable for a pizza. We will need to have a cabbage pizza battle when we are able to shop again. Do send good recipes/suggestions to the Snow Bear Facebook page if you want to help a cabbage to win!

We will answer when we have internet again.

We ended up drinking a few more G&Ts and watching the sun move over the sky. We regretted this a little bit, when a cruise ship entered the bay around 8 am and made a lot of noise with the anchor chain.

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