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The wind is a challenge on this coast – Villa Island

Mostly because is it not there! 

We had another day of motoring, mostly because we needed to keep moving. We were very tempted to stay in harbour and watch movies as there wasn’t much to explore at the harbour. But we knew, that if we hadn’t moved, we would regret it later on so we got us self together and started the engine.

This day was clear and gave us a better view of what we were passing, so it was a lot more enjoyable. We are getting so far North that the trees seem to be disappearing and the landscape is getting more gold.

The fishing industry is also very visible in this area and we constantly see the big circular fish farms.

In the water around us there are lots of little islands and rocks which makes the swells look like small explosions in the water or like whales jumping around. We still look forward to meeting one of those.

We decided to stay the night at the island of Villa and sailed to through a very narrow entrance between islands into the smallest guest harbour we have been at so far. Having seen the swell on the other side of the island, we were uncertain if we could go in there without being pushed too much around and being at risk of getting pushed into the rocks.

But when we came around the corner it was completely still and we were at the most picturesque secluded little pontoon harbour.

We walked up the island and saw a guy walking towards the pontoon. For a moment we were scared that we were so unlucky that he had made the perfect plan for steeling our boat. Fortunately he was a guy catching minks so he had his own little motorboat. He told us that we should be able to catch salmons in the seas around this area, so we have to give it a go at that.

It was definitely worth the day motoring.

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