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International Polar Bear Day

Polar bear in the snow

27th February 2023

With the inevitable habitat loss caused by global warming it is more crucial than ever to support the causes closest to our hearts and as many willl know I’m truly passionate about one of our world’s biggest, but most vulnerable species The Polar Bear.

During 2023 Snow Bear will be sailing from Scotland to the frozen north of Svalbard, an unsupported self-funded journey of around 5000 Miles, where I hope to once again encounter these amazing animals in their spectacular but rapidly diminishing environment.

During the year we will be sharing the journey and you will be able to follow progress here on the website and on our Facebook page @snowbearsailing

We hope you will join us in supporting the amazing work of Polar Bears International by making a small (or large) donation to help them in their critically important research and education work, and to ensure the long term survival of the species for generations to come.

Please make your donation here. 

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