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A lot of wind and a trip to London

The entrance of the Phoenix Theatre

January 20th – 1st of February 2024

So we safely came back to James Watts marina and got the boat tied well down before the storm. As we sailed in we could already feel the wind picking up and the pull on the boat while mooring, but luckily the boat owner next to us was ready to catch a mooring line and we were sailing slow with fenders out and ready.

A picture of the wind system from a weather app

As the evening progressed we felt the need to put extra lines on the boat as the pull from the wind was quite strong. Luckily blew on the back of the boat, so it was not too rumbly inside.

Sarah however did get a surprise when she stuck the head up and could see the cars at the dock. The tide had raised the boats about 3,5 meters and without noticing we had come up to landlevel.

The next day we had a day working on the boat. When sailing from our anchorage at Isle of Bute to the marina, we had noticed that the port light didn’t work, so we had to replace this. Sarah is trying to learn as many technical things as she can, but it is very hard when you prefer to have fun. It is fun to use the shrinking tape around electrical installations, but Steve doesn’t really believe in her skills yet, so he did most of it himself while Sarah and a visiting swan watched.

We also got to do laundry after 2 weeks away, but unfortunately the washing machine at James Watts was broken. Steve however found an outdoor laundry service, which he apparently used to wash his dogs blankets in, so terrified of what to expect we walked there to get “clean” clothes.

On Sunday we were ment to have dinner with friends in Glasgow, but the storm cancelled all the trains to Glasgow, so we had to postpone this until Wednesday. We decided to have lunch at the lovely café 1830 Eatery, which Sarah had visited on her own while Steve was selling his car. The food and service there is just so lovely.

On Wednesday we almost thought we had to cancel the dinner again, as some trains were still cancelled and our train got cancelled 5 minutes before departure. A little desperate we tried to find an uber, but we are so far away from cities that these were not available either. Luckily the people at the marina could guide us to a bus, that came 5 minutes after we came to the bus stop.

We went early to Glasgow because we wanted to visit Goma (Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art), which had been closed everytime we went there. It was great to finally see this free museum, which is a historic building that display contemporary art.

Gallery of modern art in Glasgow


Thursday we had a long trip down to London with train. We had been nervous that the trains were still cancelled and went early, but it all went smooth. We arrived in London at 6 pm and quickly redressed to catch dinner.

Steve had chosen the new area Battersea close to his old work. It is centered around an old rebuild power station, where cafes, restaurants and apartments have grown to surround it.

Sarah used to work at a Danish development company and it was really interesting to see how the area had been built.

We ended up having a great dinner at Noci, which made an amazing affogato with some kind of liqueur. Steve had to be at the American Embassy at 9 am the day after, but we still had time to drink a medium glass of wine (Buying wine glasses in sizes still confuses Sarah a lot as she always wants the big glass, but forget it doesn’t count as one in Danish sizes and then it is dangerous).

While Steve went to the Embassy, Sarah tested out the pool at the hotel. We had planned to visit Tate Modern, which is another amazing rebuilt building but this one had endless amounts of art – some free and some for an entrance fee.

We had taken the canal bus and that is just a great way to see all the big tourist attractions from the Themes.

For dinner we went to a great vegan restaurant in Soho, which was close to the Phoenix Theatre, where Sarah had convinced Steve to see a play. He was a little sceptical as he doesn’t like musicals, but this play was a sci-fi play with amazing scenary and effects and it completely knocked our socks off.

Before going home Steve took Sarah to his favourite part of London – Greenwich. That is a very nice place to look around and find small homemade arts and crafts.

We also had time to see the popular exhibition The Cult of Beauty, which we just got a time slot to get into before closing time and before we had to catch the train home. It was an interesting reflection on the views of beauty through time, but very crowded.

Then we got to take the train home and it all started very well (except for the train driver being 20 minutes late). But suddenly we were stuck at a stop for 1,5 hour and ended up at Glasgow Central at 1.30 am. The train however had planned for a taxi to bring us to the boat, but by then we were very tired and ready for bed (Except for a little good night whisky after a long journey).

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