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Exploring Kongsfjorden

Amazing picture of the glacier

12th July 2023

We had a great night’s sleep in Engelskbukta and then motored up toward Kongfjorden to look at more and bigger glaciers. We sailed into Fjortende julibukta to looks at the very pretty glacier which was full of birds. We anchored here for a short stop so that Steve had a chance to fly his drone for the first time in the trip. First time he wanted to use it, he realised that it needed to be logged on at a place with internet, so he had a little fight with the product developers without them ever knowing about it.

But this time it was ready to use and could fly much closer to the glacier than we could sail because of the large amounts of icebergs in the water.

But the glacier made regular cracking noises giving the impression that at anytime a big chunk might come off.

We considered staying here for the night, but because of the regularity of the cracking and the large amount of ice, we decided to go up a little further into Lilliehöökfjorden.

This is a very pretty fjord with steep mountain sides and lots of birds and iceberg. We also saw a few whales in the distance, but we still miss getting the close up experience again.

We decided to spend the night at Signehamna which is a little bay close to the enormous Lilliehöök glacier. But when we saw the bay we were a little uncertain whether we could stay there as a huge block of ice seemed to have anchored right where Steve had planned to anchor. We could also see lots of ice floating away from the glacier. After having checked the weather and made sure no wind would come, we decided to spend the night.

That was a good choice as it was a quiet and uneventful night.

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