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Preparing for our next BIG adventure

Chrismas decorations on the boat

November & December 2023

So Sarah had spent 2 months in Denmark organising things to let out her apartment, quitting and finishing her job and see all her friends and family in Denmark before leaving. It had been 2 months full of anticipation and anxiety, when coming to the boat she felt strange and excited: adventure was about to begin.. that was until she realised the reason she’d been tired and exhausted (and had a bad cold) was not the vacation sickness after a stressful period, but it was Covid. So though Steve had decorated the boat with Danish flags and made everything ready for her arrival, we both started the adventure of with 2 weeks of sickness.

Celebrating Sarahs birthday at a café

That also results in delays as Steve still had a few things to do in his apartment before he could let it out and several other things had to be replanned. For Sarah this was a time of many thoughts and emotions as it was hard being stuck in a harbour while being uncertain about all the quick decisions she had made the last few months. But there were also many great moments, like going to a road trip to Shakespeare’s place of birth and other great towns in England and we tried all the good restaurants around Portavidie marina. 

Sarah driving in the English side

We also tried Sarah’s skills in driving in the left side of the road, which resulted in very slow driving (on the little mountain single track roads)

When everything was finally ready for departure we took a very short trip to Tarbert Harbour for a change of scenery and to do a little last minute Christmas shopping.. it was the almost Christmas time and Sarah had to go back and celebrate it with her family in Denmark whilst Steve did the same with his in England.

So we had decided to hold off starting the great adventure until January. 

Chrismas decorations on the boat

New Year’s Eve were spent at an ok restaurant in Glasgow, but following this the Absent Ear cocktail bar which was named the best in Scotland was a big hit (except for the day after which was a little rough for both of us.)

But now we were ready for a new year with lots of adventures and that also felt very good!

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