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Too many Bananas

Picture of the bananacake

4th June 2023

We are probably not the most organised shoppers. We always seem to have one dish planned on the shopping list and then we buy whatever we feel like at the supermarket, which often result in us realising we have forgotten something basic (this time it was eggs).

As we are always scared of running out of bananas we came home with more and know have to go on a strict banana diet because they are getting brown.

Sarah cooking at the kitchen

As we had to do our first day sailing with out Ilse, and actually had a day with fine wind and small swells, we decided that we needed a banana cake. While Steve was steering the boat (meaning pressing the two buttons changing course), Sarah was working hard in the kitchen. Even though this seem very stereotypical we just have to admit that Sarah is the better cook and can work below deck without becoming sea sick. Baking a cake while sailing has several benefits:

1. You have something to do while sailing straight.

2. You get some heating from the oven.

3. Cake taste better when it is eaten at a moving boat on a cold wet Norwegian Summer day.

We had planned to sail 70-80 miles and but the wind dropped and in was getting late, so we decided to drop anchor for the first time in weeks, so we only got 50 miles.

This morning we will have banana pancakes.

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