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We are now illegal immigrants

Picture of the wet sprayhood and the sunset at the north sea

27th May 2023

The North Sea was a very easy ride. We left Wick Wednesday afternoon and were expecting a downwind sail for most of the trip which was exactly what we got. With two reefs in the main sail and a lot of autopilot we covered 345NM in just over two days with winds up to 35Knots and a 3-4M waves. With two nights at sea the crew had lots of time to get some sleep whilst the skipper did all the hard work (this is his version). We had no encounters with wildlife but had to navigate around a few offshore platforms. Our arrival in Norway coincides with a national holiday and customs and the police are closed for the weekend so we have been unable to clear into the country… this hasn’t stopped us sampling some local alcohol😎

Snow bear moored at froya

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