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We Sail to 80 degrees North

Picture of land from 80 north

22nd July 2023

After a day in hibernation we finally reached 80 degrees North! We would like to tell you the story of big waves and strong wind and the struggles we had to go through to get here, but the sea is almost completely still making the skyline to the snowy mountains fantastic.

We said we were going to dip in the sea when we got here but the dinghy is in the way, and it is cold and we just saw a big whale and many other excuses came up when we arrived. 

And it is true we just saw a big whale quite close to us, reappearing several times so we could really get an idea of size and colour. It looks like another Minke whale.

We had planned to send a letter in a bottle at 80 degrees North and for this reason, we had to empty a bottle of wine the day before yesterday. The sun was high and that had resulted in fog in the bay we were anchored. We decided to try and wait for the fog to disappear, so we could go to the hot springs near by, but it stayed think so we didn’t want to go to shore. At 3 pm we decided to move on to the next anchorage and as mentioned 

Steve finally baked cheese scones. These were really good and when we got outside the fog, the sun heated the cockpit to 25 degrees. It really called for a glass of white wine, which turned into more white wine and suddenly it was 4 am. As the sun still don’t set it is very easy to loose track of time and just enjoy the night. So we were a little tired Yesterday and didn’t feel like a 7 hour ride.

But now we are moving further south and hopefully we will have internet within a week. We are starting to miss it a little bit, but it is also nice to know that we can have fun without it.

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