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We’ve got two days of sailing and internet!

Steve walking alone in Ny Alesund

28th July 2023

Following a Night at Ny Ålesund to refuel and two and a half weeks of no internet and just having to talk to each other we got sporadic internet yesterday afternoon. This also meant that we were a little distracted from writing a post.

The day before yesterday we were anchoring at Eidemhamna after having been surprised by the being able to sail most of the day. Between the sailing and the 2 knots of current helping us a long it was a great day. As we got closer to Eidemhamna internet connection slowly began to send notifications to Steve’s phone, while Sarah’s was not as good at coming back to the world. While it hasn’t been a problem not being online when it is not an option, it feels like having candy right out of arms reach when you can sense it being close.

So we tried to be calm the last night without real connection though the telephones suddenly felt like an elephant in the room.

Steve had a great day of swearing at the boat’s wifi, which did not want to return real life so he spent most of the day trying to get that up and running.

We had planned staying at a very open anchorage, where there was supposed to be a walrus colony, but at we got closer the wind picked up and we had quite a bit of swells, so we decided to continue for another 3 hours to a protected bay next to the remains of a mine and with some very pretty mountains.

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