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The Kingsfjord glacier

Highlights from Svalbard (the west and north coasts)

Planning an Arctic expedition demands meticulous preparation. Navigating remote areas requires a self-sufficient crew, capable of boat repairs. Polar bear encounters necessitate firearm training and permits. Extensive paperwork, including sailing, rifle, and landing permits, along with insurance, must be sorted well in advance. Despite challenges, the Arctic offers breathtaking landscapes, wildlife, and continuous summer sunlight. Access planning resources at the provided link.

Belfast marina at night

We arrived in Belfast – Northern Ireland

After returning from London, our plan for a smooth transition to Ireland faced unexpected delays due to persistent winds in Greenock. When the weather finally cooperated, we set sail, rediscovering the joys and challenges of life on the water. Anchoring near Belfast channel entrance before navigating the shipping channel to our marina in the vibrant Titanic Quarter.

The entrance of the Phoenix Theatre

A lot of wind and a trip to London

Returning to James Watts marina ahead of a storm, the sailors secured their boat with help from neighbors. Amid rising tides and wind, they replaced a failed port light, struggled with a broken washer, and had travel plans to Glasgow disrupted by the weather. In London, they dined in Battersea, visited the American Embassy and art galleries, and enjoyed a sci-fi play in Soho before enduring a delayed train ride back to Glasgow.