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A great evening in Brønnøysund

8th June 2023

The trip to Brønnøysund went really smooth and on the way we passed the famous Torghatten which is a big rock with a hole in it. That may not sound impressive but when looking at pictures it looks quite photogenic – at least when the sun shines and the light is reflected through the hole. As it was cloudy we couldn’t see the hole (or maybe we were too close by) but the view was still pretty.

On the way we also tried some of the fishing equipment on board – though neither of us a great a fishing and eager to kill the catch. In the end it was decided that Steve will be the fish killer and cutter, which is why he sabotaged the project by sailing more than 7 knots while having the line out. 

We had planned to go to a restaurant in Rørvik but none of the restaurants caught our attention, so we found a restaurant in Brønnøysund that looked delicious.

Our buddy boat Saphir was heading the same direction and fortunately they would like to join us for a dinner at Svang. We ended up having a lovely night with a 4 course dinner and wine before getting a little tipsy and very full before heading back to the boat.

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