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Igerøya and anchoring

10th June 2023

The last few days have been quite. We had a slow morning after our evening out in Brønnøysund and decided to take a small trip to the island Igerøya. The wind and weather was perfect for sailing if it hadn’t been right in the nose of the boat, so that it would have been a lot of tacking or motoring in a straight line – which we chose to do.

The harbour was shallow in most places but Saphir had sailed ahead and told us, that there was a spot at the pontoon for us.

Arriving there we really got the feel of getting closer to the North. The mountains tops have snow on them and they are looking more rocky now than before.

The sun doesn’t set and it is messing with our heads, so we have getting into a weird eating schedule, where dinner is sometime at 10.30 pm.

It can also be hard to go to bed, when it looks like it is afternoon, so we have had some late nights. Steve does not believe in the Norwegian trolls, but luckily Sarah knew the movie Troll Hunter had clear evidence of their excistence.

Yesterday we decided to take another long day motoring because the weather was sunny again and the waves were nonexistent. Unfortunately we had almost 2 knots of current against us, which slowed everything down. This was also the day where Steve made lunch, which was documented by the camera.

Steve had found a beautiful place to anchor. We had mountains all around us and little waterfall in the corner. Because of the great weather without wind, we were able to have our first dinner at the cockpit – with the cockpit tent up of course.

This morning we woke up to another windless sunshine day so the morning coffee could also be enjoyed with a view to the waterfall and mountains and while leaving we saw our first dolphin on the trip. 

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