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A night at Hamiltonbukta

Steve scouting with binoculars

17th July 2023

We ended up arriving late at Hamiltonbukta and when we arrived it was foggy so we decided on a few more G&Ts. We found a marmelade gin tester size, which we had to try, as our normal gin was almost empty. That was a horrible gin and we had to throw it out and try the weird cinnamon and apple gin, which was almost as bad. So now we have finished all gin and tonic!!!

After recovering from the celebratory bear G&T night we decided to move further east into Woodfjorden as it looked like the northerly wind may grow stronger for a day.

On the trip Sarah tried to clean up the reindeer antler we found at Englishhamna. We have decided that a good way to celebrate getting to 80 North could be to engrave the antler with our names, but it seems like a very big job and Sarah now wish we had found a smaller antler.

We could have taken a detour and gotten to 80 North on our way to Woodfjorden as we reached 79 54 North but would really like to do it on a day where we can sail with sail and to make a trip of it, we will go around a little protected island, that has retired walruses on. We don’t know what they retire from as they seem to be relaxing quite a bit, but that is the island they go to when they do.

We ended up spending the night at the very protected anchorage at Mushamna which is a beautiful sheltered lagoon with a narrow entrance surrounded by mountains.

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