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Photo exhibition at Skrova and a night out in Svolvær

17th June 23

We were recommended to stop by the little island Skrova, so we decided to get up and get moving. The trip out of Henningsvær is very pretty and the sunny weather is still with us, which is lucky as the wind does not seem to come.
At Skrova they have made an outdoor photo exhibition with different Norwegian photographers and is was nice walking round the island in the sun and seeing different styles of photography. Specially the historic pictures placed in a cave was very nice.
We wanted to end the day with a coffee at the local cafee, but that was not a good choice as it tasted really bad. 
It really inspired Steve to get an espresso machine even sooner. 

For this reason we decided to eat lunch at the boat, but just wanted an avocado from the local shop. This was the most expensive avocado we have ever bought (£3.20 or 43 NOK), but it was very good and we enjoyed it.
We arrived to Svolvær and really wanted to go out and get a nice dinner (not because Steve has been starved on an eggplant diet as some might think), but because we enjoy trying new foods. We were surprised to find, that most the places served burgers, pizza and sushi, so we decided on a place where we could sit outside and enjoy the sun.
Not ready to call it a night we continued to the local pub, where most of the regulars had had quite a bit to drink. Spending half a beer trying to teach him not to stare excessively at two too young women, we had to call it a quit and decided to go back to the boat. This was definitely an experience but we are still trying to find out in what category we should put it in.

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