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A slow day at Mushamna

Picture of the book the seafaring history

18th July 2023

It was a beautiful day at Mushamna when we woke up yesterday. We could see some reindeers resting in a bit of snow and a lot of birds were having dramatic fights while flying. Unfortunately the boat had been challenge by a man flu, so we had a slow day and decided to stay an extra night (also because the guide book said this bay was perfect for bear spotting).

We had a quick trip to land where Sarah got some drone flying and catching lessons, but we decided not to stay out too long so Steve could rest and hopefully he will be 100% back tomorrow. We do wonder how he managed to catch a flu as we have not been very close to many people for the last 10 days.

Trying to entertain yourself on a tiny boat, where you cannot go for a run at land is a little bit of a challenge for Sarah, but she has downloaded a lot of podcasts and brought a lot of books. She is really is learning to appreciate the freedom of moving around, when you cannot do it without bringing a gun, flares and all other sorts of gear.

Steve has a book about the history of seafaring and there is a chapter about whaling in the arctic. It is very sad to read about how these huge animals are harpooned and 37,000 whales were killed in 1930-31. At a lot of the anchorage up here you can find left overs from the whaling times, such as blubber furnaces and timber from whaling boats.

You can learn a lot of stuff while Steve is napping on the couch.

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