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Whales on the short ride to Hornbækpollen

Picture of glacier ice in the water

19th July 2023

The area around here is very pretty and without all the big cruise ships, so we decided to stay a few days in the area. As Steve was still under the weather we only did a short 4 hour trip to another little protected anchorage.

The whales must have heard our plead not to harpoon them as we suddenly saw a lot of them jumping around in the water. We were very excited to get some more whale sightings and think this must be a minke whale as they don’t do a big blowhole blow and their fin is quite small and far back.

When we came around the corner in Liefdefjorden we got another fantastic view of glaciers that broke into the water and the high and colourful mountains.

The mountains come in a lot of different colours; some of them are red because of iron, some are white with snow and others are black grey and beige. The mix of them in this fjord is very pretty.

We came into the small bay and got anchored without any problems, so we had another somewhat relaxed day.

Our fresh food is getting limited to potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, some oranges and lemons, onions and garlic and luckily also almost a half cabbage head. That stuff just lasts forever.

So we made beluga bolognaise and used the last bit of cucumber, some radishes and cabbage to make a salad. To make it more alluring to Steve, Sarah made some caramelised walnuts which can really be recommended to spice up a salad.

But don’t worry about our food supplies! We have plenty on dry food but is trying to learn which greens will stay fresh for many weeks. If you have ideas for long lasting vegetables, we would like to test them out!

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