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13th June 23

Yesterday we were done with being locked in the harbour by the wind and we were ready to cross the sea to Lofoten.

That being said then Bodø was a great place to spend a few days; the food was really great. We had fantastic pizza ( one with avocado and apricot marmalade!) at Bjørk, very good coffee at Melkebaren, delicious and beautiful cakes at Craig Alibone and a lovely lunch at Brødrene Berbusmel. And we didn’t try all the places that we would have liked to go. This was a very nice food town.

Harbour wise we were disappointed because the electricity on the dock wasn’t working, there wasn’t any gates to the boats and the laundry facilities were as described the other day.

The night had been very turbulent because of the high gusts and the boat had been moving around a lot (not that Sarah notices that much as she is just lulled to sleep).

Steve is now fully accustomed to Sarah’s habits of putting stuff at random places, and seems to enjoy the lively energy that a controlled chaos creates. He is also ready to add cabbage to the most vegetarian diet he has been introduced to.

When the wind offered is a reach across Vestfjorden we were ready to take it. We sailed through the island group Sørvær and that looks like a beautiful place to visit if in the area. After leaving them behind it was up with the sails and then a fantastic sail across. There was plenty of time to read and sing (also at the same time). It’s was a smooth ride and when Lofoten appears in the mist it brings memories back to the first jurassic park movie where the mountains appear and new adventures awaits.

Entering Reine harbour is beautiful and the Norwegian nature became even more grandiose.

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