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Visiting the historic fishing village Nusfjord

15th June 2023

Waking up to a beautiful day in Reine (though the harbour smelled a bit of the drying fish on the neighbouring pier) Sarah felt the need to go for a run. It was only suppose to be a small run but when arriving to the beginning of the trail to Reinebringen, she just had to do it.

As she new Steve was waiting, she was hurrying as much as she could, but it was a little challenging getting up the 1566 stone steps built by Nepalese Sherpa. Luckily she met Saphir’s owners at the top so they could text Steve so he wouldn’t worry too much about the missing crew.

We didn’t have a long sail planned as we got in late the day before and because the wind had died on us again. So we decided to motor to the historic fishing harbour Nusfjord to eat at the popular bakery.

The sail into the little town (and historic museum) was absolutely magnificent and a little bit nerve wrecking for Steve as the harbour is quite shallow even when arriving at high tide. We came in half an hour before the bakery closed and hurried excitingly to the shop – just to find that it had already closed because everything was sold out. As we have been meeting a lot of unexpected closed venues on the trip the disappointment hit a little bit harder.

We had a little walk around the pretty town but decided to leave before low tide. Arriving to the boat we noticed the Norwegian coastguard inspecting the other boats – we didn’t have time to wait for them to come to us, as the tide had already dropped 0,6 meter, so we made a quick run for it. Assuming the coastguard would use their high speed motorboat to catch us if they were very interested in us.

The motored around the mountain to a sheltered little spot where we anchored for the night. As we hadn’t gotten over the disappointment from the closed bakery, Sarah decided to bake an apple cake. Thus reenergised we were now ready for an early start tomorrow.

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