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The slowest way to go 2 Miles!

15th May 2023

To make a short cut we are now going through the Caledonian Canal (not because we really want to find Nessie like everyone else). It means going through 29 locks and 10 bridges spread across 50 miles and 3 lochs.

Today we made it through 8 locks known as Neptunes staircase. These locks are really big and automatic so our previously acquired skills in lock handling was not needed. 

We going along with a team sailing around Britain in a rib with 600 horsepower and a fine bottle of whisky. We forgot to ask how going around Britain can be done by using this shortcut, but we hope to find out one day.

After exiting the last step on the staircase we realised that we couldn’t make it to the next lock, because of 2 bridges that are not operated after 4 pm. So we spent the afternoon polishing fenders and relaxing.

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