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The fantastic Loch Ness

Ilse and a photoshopped Nessie

17th May 2023

Last night we had a really good fish and chips burger at The Lock Inn which also resulted in a few glasses of whisky followed by a portrait drawing session!!

It was a little hard waking up today, but the good people working at the Locks made it a good morning.

We finally got a chance to set sails again and had a few nice hours of sailing downwind in Loch Ness.

Ilse and a photoshopped Nessie

The original plan was to anchor close to the next lock but when we got to the chosen spot, it was not as sheltered as we had imagined. So the plans changed and we went to a pontoon at the lock.

Tonight will just be relaxing and maybe a movie or two as it is cold and raining.

A nesse made of a bush

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