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A night with live music in Inverness

Picture of Church Street Shuffle

19th May 2023

After a night with quite a bit of wind, we were quite pleased with our decision not to anchor the night before. It also gave us a chance to taste some very good ice cream and cannolis at Mieles at An Talla and see some of the Scottish cows. The night was rainy and windy so two of us ended up watching movies while Ilse had a long walk in the area.

Sarah got the chance to drive the boat into the lock which was a great experience. The short trip to Inverness gave us a chance to enjoy the nice town, but quickly learned that a booking is needed at the popular restaurants. After a quick drink and some good live music, we found a nice Indian restaurant.

Then we continued on to try another live venue and was amazed by the band Church Street Shuffle at Hootananny. Then we had to call it a day as we have a long trip to Shetland planned.

Sarah listening to music and waiting for a beer

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