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Yesterday was one of those days – Kuringvågen Marina

Picture of Kuringvagen harbour

5th June 2023

We set out from our cosy anchorage with our minds set for another day of motoring. This was ok as it seemed to be a route with quite a lot of obstacles in the water.

As we left the protected nook we found that the wind was fine to sail on, so we ended up with a good reach and 6 knots through the water (with a little help from the tide).

It was not more dramatic than being able to cook some of the ripe bananas into a banana pancake breakfast.

The rest of the day was slow… We were tired and the Norwegian weather decided to treat us to another foggy day, so we were not able to see much of the coastline but still had to be aware of the constant appearing rocks and shallow bits in the water and all the other boats on the routes. A lot of them we can see on the AIS but there are also quite a bit of small private fishing boats without, so we needed to keep watching the traffic. Or Steve did as Sarah was determined to finish The Beautiful and the Damned so she could start on a new book.

When the wind died on us after 35 miles, we decided to call it a day. We were tired and hungry and the fog was getting heavier. Is had been a very slow and grey day.

This morning we got up with renewed energy and Sarah went for a morning run in the area. When sitting down a lot on a boat it is nice to get the pulse up in harbour. On the run she found a road with some beautiful wood carvings of animals: eagles, rabbits, squirrels and more, which made the run a lot more interesting. Alongside the beautiful wood carvings were some more children like snowmans. If anyone has seen the Norwegian movie ‘The Snowman’ they would know it is a little scary – especially when someone also have arranged a doll with the legs in the air next to a bike, so it looked like a person who had crashed in the forest. So all in all it was a interesting run.

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