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And then we were two

Ilse and Sarah walking on the pier

2nd June 2023

Yesterday we set off for another day of motoring along the mesmerising Norwegian channels. After a night in a very boring harbour where we were couldn’t see how to unlock the gates to come out, we were eager to continue the travel North.

The day started out with sunshine and mild wind so we could just let the autopilot do the work, though the area is heavily trafficked so we needed to look out all the time. As soon as we got free from the islands and was sailing at Norwegian Sea, the swells got more turbulent and Ilse had to lie down below because of sea sickness.

As we got into harbour she had to give us the terrible news: that sea sickness is too unpleasant for her to be able to continue the trip. Chocked and sad we went to the harbour restaurant and got a final meal together, before she left home for Oslo today. It has been a very grey and rainy day.

The three of together before Ilse leaves

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