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Polar bear in the snow

International Polar Bear Day

Embarking on a self-funded 5000-mile journey from Scotland to Svalbard, Snow Bear’s crew aims to raise awareness about polar bear conservation in the face of habitat loss. Follow their adventure on the website and Facebook page @snowbearsailing. Support Polar Bears International with donations for vital research and education efforts.

The wind is a challenge on this coast – Villa Island

With another day of motoring, they pushed through the desire to stay in harbor and watch movies, realizing the importance of progress. The clear day revealed a northern landscape with disappearing trees and golden hues. The fishing industry’s presence was evident with circular fish farms. Passing through narrow entrances, they anchored at Villa Island’s secluded pontoon harbor, enjoying its picturesque tranquility. A chance encounter with a mink catcher added an unexpected, yet amusing, twist to the day.

Picture of the bananacake

Too many Bananas

Our shopping strategy may lack organization, often forgetting basic items like eggs. Fearing a banana shortage, we ended up with an excess and decided on a banana cake during our first day sailing without Ilse. While Steve steered, Sarah, the better cook, baked below deck, enjoying the benefits of having an activity, warmth, and delicious cake on a chilly Norwegian day.