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A day at Bjørnøya (Bear Island)

Just before jumping on the water and becoming members of the bathing club

In a sheltered cove, surrounded by cliffs and curious seabirds, a tranquil evening turned into a practical day. Steve’s ambitious to-do list included fixing the stove and joining a northern naked bathing club. Despite anchoring challenges, a celebratory dip marked the end. Now, sailing towards Svalbard, they anticipate reaching southern Svalbard in 24 hours.

Bear islands and a lots of birds

Approaching Bear Island

Navigating the chilly waters towards Bear Island at 74 degrees north, the duo battles exhaustion and irregular sleep during their 3-day journey. Despite fatigue, the allure of encountering whales and dolphins keeps spirits high. Groggy and disoriented, strange eating habits emerge, but Sarah’s adaptation brings hope for a better routine. Anchoring on Bear Island’s southeast side, they anticipate a windless night ahead.

Visiting the historic fishing village Nusfjord

In Reine, Sarah’s spontaneous run to Reinebringen’s 1566 stone steps delayed the departure, but a chance meeting with Saphir’s owners eased concerns. Motor sailing to Nusfjord, the shallow harbor added excitement. Disappointed by the closed bakery, a walk through the historic town followed. Evading the coastguard, they anchored, and Sarah’s apple cake lifted spirits for an early start.

Off to Lofoten

Eager to leave Bodø and its harbor struggles, they cherished the town’s culinary delights but lamented the amenities. Adjusting to Sarah’s organized chaos, Steve embraced a more vegetarian diet. Seizing a favorable wind across Vestfjorden, they sailed through Sørvær and reveled in a smooth journey, relishing memories as Lofoten emerged, offering grandiose Norwegian beauty.

Arctic circle, Saltstraumen and sea eagles

Excited by sunny weather, they sailed comfortably, eventually marking the Arctic Circle with a memorable celebration. In Bodø, vibrant nightlife, a unique laundry experience, and a thrilling Saltstraumen rib safari featuring massive whirlpools and close encounters with eagles defined their day. A pizza dinner concluded the energizing day for the continued journey.